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PantoOS - The World's Rising 21st Century Disk OS

This is a simple OS I made in C# using COSMOS in Visual Studio 2013. It's not recommended for everyday use, unless you like the calculator programs I put in. I've always wanted to use C# COSMOS and now I did. I can't believe how many possibilities it has! I recommend using COSMOS if you want to start making an OS the easy way. It's much better than using Assembly, C++, C, or any of those hard-to-learn languages!

OS Features:
•4 Calculator Commands
•Log-in Screen (With splash screen)
•Many commands
•"Reboot" Feature (Doesn't reboot, just takes you back to the login screen)
•...And many more!

••NOTE: "halt" command doesn't halt the CPU, but is really a replacement until the amazing COSMOS teams adds it.
••OTHER NOTE: ACPI commands won't turn off the computer until the COSMOS teams adds that, too.

•• YET ANOTHER NOTE: I won't be needing any developers, as this is more of an indie project. If you wanted to help on this terrible-so-far OS, then sorry!

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